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Custom Branding

Provide high visibility to messages, brand symbols or logos at CRI 90 to customers with eye-catching Beacon Letters. Tailor-made to match a business’s branding in a variety of sizes, styles, and tunable or RGBW colors.


Beacon Letters are a cost-effective way to create a professional, polished look for a business with minimal maintenance. The embedded LED lights have a long lifespan and provide high impact.

Easy to Install

The patented, UL Listed and frameless design makes it easy to place the beacon letter in any indoor environment. Rest it on a countertop, hang it on a wall or recess it into a surface, then simply stand out.

Attract Attention

Make a memorable statement.

Creating a compelling brand story with illuminated logos, symbols and messages in the physical environment to form a connection with customers and enhance their retail brand experience.

Brand Equity

Build a presence and differentiate.

A positive brand experience can help to build brand equity, which is the value of a brand’s reputation and the positive impact it has on a business’ bottom line.

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