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Shining Light
on Possibilities

Partnering with the World’s Top Retailers and
their brands, Millworkers, Designers, Printers/
Exhibitors and OEMs to collaboratively develop products and services to help them creatively

Pioneers of

Makers of the world's first
embedded light guided panel.

We achieved it over 20 years ago and remain committed to providing the highest quality, while pushing the boundaries in lighting design.

We believe.

The union of quality materials, technology, and purposeful design is innovation.

Be it the quality of light or the extrusion profile, minor or major, the details always matter.

Making the impossible, possible, starts with embracing challenges and a growth mindset.

Make the Difference



Suit your spec, with diode consistent light engines, patented innovations, and certified tier one quality made-to-order products. Backlighting solutions that meet the vision with local prototyping and options that allow onsite problem solving.

Thinnest Profiles
and Lowest
Diffusion Depths

Starting at 2mm, Omnify is the king of thin. Focus is on the application functionality with brightness, uniformity, color and temperature control and design flexibility without compromising performance.
Thinnest Profiles
Breadth Of Assortment

Breadth of

Supporting the optimal backlighting outcome with a combination of product characteristics that will uphold the design intent as well as power and control plans. Each product in the Omnify collection is backed by warranty, certifications, patents, and quality components.


To meet the evolving needs of our customers, we continue to invest in product development with a focus on sustainability, customization and the use of the most advanced LED technologies available.

Solutions for
Lighting Design


Our cross-functional team provide support from ideation to specification, quality and compliance requirements, timelines and budgets. Add on rapid prototyping with in-house R&D and manufacturing to quickly build, test, and deploy.

Local In-House

As a company founded by engineers, the relentless pursuit to optimize and build a better future is in our DNA. Our path to providing sustainable lighting is through our in-house product development, engineers, and customer service teams.

the Future

A 20 Year Legacy
with Many Firsts

Our portfolio of products come with a simple promise, form factor customizability and superior quality. We offer the highest quality LED Light Guided Panel rating in the industry at 99.996%. Continuing to strive for industry firsts, without compromising standards.

A 20 Year Legacy with Many Firsts

Home of

Established in 2002, LumiSheetTM changed the form factor of light for retail and architectural use to provide a truly thin profile panel. Lasting, brilliant, and adaptable.

Premium Light Engines

Light Engines

Tier one components that are energy efficient with a longer life span, durable, flexible, low heat emitting and lastly, environmentally friendly.

Make an Impact

Be part of our innovation.
We are always looking for talented people to work with us. Interested in North America’s leading manufacturer of backlighting and complimentary systems, apply now.