Architectural Backlighting

We offer highly customizable, high-quality, warranty-backed products, that are manufactured in North America for quick lead times and attentive customer support. 

Bespoke Backlighting

Meet the exact, unique needs of your architectural vision with custom backlighting solutions, and accessible support along the way.  

Even Illumination

Accurately lit architectural features and graphics with hot-spot free, edge-to-edge backlighting.  

Long-Lasting Designs

Long-lasting performance that lighting designers can rely on; products are warranty-backed, and stand the test of time.

Architecture Applications

Ceilings, Walls & Floors

Enhance ceilings, walls, floors, and overall ambiance with ultra-slim and sleek backlighting. Our designer-centric backlighting solutions deliver top-tier quality and uniform illumination in standard and customizable shapes and sizes.

Perfectly Lit Environment

Perfect your ambiance with customizable architectural backlighting, offering a spectrum of color and brightness options

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Grand Format

Make a lasting impression by illuminating large surfaces, and dramatically emphasizing your architectural vision.

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Countertops & Surfaces 

Blend beauty and functionality to enhance luxury stone countertops and surfaces with custom solutions for LED architectural lights. Our backlighting can be tailored to meet unique needs, and is easily installed.

Even Illumination

Achieve hotspot-free, even illumination across panels and seams with diffusion depths starting at 0.5”.

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Made-To-Fit On-Site

Easily modify on-site with the industry's smallest cuttable diode and the ability to fold or bend light sheets to fit curved surfaces.

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Improve navigational ease with the high-quality, uniform illumination of directional signage and features. Our eye-catching, sleek solutions provide top-tier light quality, are highly customizable, and easily installed.

Extensive Selection

Unparalleled lighting variety for all your navigational needs with our custom Lightboxes, LED bars, panels, and sheets.

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Reliable & Compliant

UL certified for indoor and outdoor usage, and backed by long warranties.

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Cove Lighting

Add a touch of luxury to interiors with cove lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate into any space, providing depth, dimension, and a gentle glow. This enhances ambiance and highlights architectural features.

Tunable Color

Achieve the perfect ambiance for architectural lighting projects, through diverse color temperature and brightness options.

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Optimal Brightness

Deliver bright, efficient and even backlighting across panels with over 130 lumens per watt and extra shallow diffusion depths.

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