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Enduring Architecture

Creating Captivating Environments

Thoughtful interiors lit with the presence of a glow that’s uncompromising in quality, unparalleled in originality and infused with versatility. The possibilities we see in contemporary architecture require an equally innovative approach to lighting beyond the traditional fixture.

The history of architecture
is the history of the
struggle for light.

Le Corbusier

Built into Design

With every product design, our designers focus on customizing the lighting solution to match your specification requirements.

Top Grade

From the selection of LEDs with superior luminance and color characteristics to the ease of use, Omnify strives for perfection.

With Support

Engineering and product consultation to ensure vital nuances of the interior design like highlighting artwork or a ceiling feature is captured.

Architecture Applications

Feature Wall

Make it a showpiece.

Highlight specific features, shapes of textures or simply make a focal point more striking. It is easy to design a memorable experience with light color options, various diffusion depths and controls.

Thin Profile

With thin LED light panels, designers can easily integrate them into incredibly shallow spaces. Custom feature walls are a brilliant example of what’s possible.

Custom Shapes

Lighting products usually come in standard shapes and sizes, limiting their applications. At Omnify, a unique, patented process makes custom shapes possible.

Uniform Illumination

LED light panels are widely used because they produce incredibly even illumination. At Omnify, lighting is engineered to illuminate as evenly as possible without hotspots.


Seamless edges and
ultra-slim design.

Integrated dimmable output provides a bright and immersive ambient light in standard and custom sizes.

Visually Pops

A backlit ceiling is an artistic high-end lighting display made of architectural-grade light that acts as a focal point.

Accent Lighting

In addition to producing an atmosphere and imbuing a mood, ceiling LED lighting creates focal points of architectural importance.


LED ceiling lighting can create fascinating 3D effects by highlighting the curves for an architectural look and feel.

Stone Surfaces

Natural beauty transformed into works of art and fantastic focal points, anywhere.

Backlighting stone allows you to highlight the natural beauty of the material, while creating elegance. Pair with OmniControl for smart sophistication.


Unique backlit stone countertop application uses low depth LED light sheets to backlight translucent stone of any shape or size.

Mesmerizing Walls

Illuminated wall lighting highlights the details of the stone wall using our first to market one diode cuttable LED light sheet.


Tables with stone surfaces can be enhanced by adding our unique light technology, turning ordinary furniture into extraordinary!


Made to measure illumination where impressions are lasting and experiences vital.

Guide the journey, or simply make it an enticing experience. Elevate the ambiance of a room with backlit floors.

Make a Statement

Popular in bars, luxurious hotels and a variety of hospitality settings, LED floor panels are perfect for attracting attention while making a positive first impression.

Accentuate & Delineate

Imagine an entire room lit seamlessly from under your feet—all this and more is possible with LED light panels recessed into floors.

Get Outdoors

On a warm summer night when staying inside is almost sinful, add to the ambiance by lighting up the patio or landscaped floors.