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Illuminate any surface such as a walls, counters, shelfs, floors or ceilings with backlighting solutions that provide visually smooth and uniform light across large and small areas.

Backlighting Excellence

Best CRI

Accurate color rendering and spectral composition matching , no matter what color you’re working with. With a CRI of 95+, it allows you to make any space stand out.


Omnify’s line of high output backlighting solutions offer higher lumen per watt performance for low energy consumption and ease of maintenance.

Thinnest Depth

With low profile solutions, cover large areas even though the installation setting space is limited. Achieve low depth profiles with maximum performance.

Perfect Fit

Offering some of the sleekest LED light panels in the industry, our tailored solutions can cater to size, colour, thickness and shape specifications or design requirements.

Energy Efficient

Omnify offers energy efficient backlighting solutions that consume up to 80% less energy than a typical fluorescent light, while delivering equivalent or better light quality.


Achieve absolute color accuracy with backlit brand graphics when you desire illuminated displays that are bright with consistent lighting.

Where to use backlighting?

Retail Displays

Retail displays with backlighting are the perfect solution for illuminating products, and creating a brand experience. LED light guided panels are safe for retail displays since they do not generate UV rays that cause colors in inks/dyes to fade.


Backlit graphics are a brand vehicle and a communication tool in commercial and hospitality settings like restaurants, retail stores, boutiques, and offices. Easy to handle and extremely bright, lightboxes offer the best available price-quality ratio.

Architectural Spaces

High visual impact, LED light guided panels are ideal for creating illuminated ceilings and walls. Enhance the surrounding environment, and creating interesting appeal of the interior design.

What type of backlighting can be used?

Light Guided Panel

Transforming Form Factor

Omnify is the global leader in light guided panels with the invention of LumiSheet™. With V-cutting and patented embedded LEDs, our panels are completely customizable to offer the best and most uniform transmission of light.

Light Sheets

Adaptive & Flexible. On-site.

Lighting designers today demand products that facilitate new and exciting lighting applications. Omnify’s LED light sheets are a thin, flexible product that can be adapted to any imaginable use-case due to their on-site cuttability.

Illuminated Ceiling

Elevate the Ambience

Large surface areas that create a canopy of light. Bringing the outdoors in or create vibrant, comfortable branded interiors enhancing the experience of architectural spaces.

Beacon Letters

Visual impact at the Storefront

The robust acrylic and integrated diffusion make Beacon Letters an accessible solution for illuminating logos, brand messages and visual elements. Bright and bold, with a frameless profile.

Large Format

Versatile & Efficient at Any Size

Omnify’s range of large-format backlighting systems offer the highest light output and widest beam angle – making them a premium option for illuminating walls and ceilings.