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4 Creative Applications For Backlit Wall Art and Surfaces

In the world of interior and exterior design for retail, hospitality, and other industries, one captivating element can turn ordinary surfaces into extraordinary masterpieces: backlit wall art. By utilizing light, texture, and form strategically, backlit wall art can enhance the ambiance of any…

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Local Manufacturing for a Competitive Edge

The benefits of local manufacturing offers numerous advantages, such as making supply chains more reliable. This becomes particularly relevant when considering the risks associated with international manufacturing and supply chains, where unexpected closures of shipping lanes and ports can disrupt…

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Is The Ultimate Lighting Battle Over? LEDs Vs. Incandescent

Are you in the dark about which lighting option to choose for your business, or building? The world of lighting technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it’s time to resolve the LEDs vs. traditional (typically incandescent) lighting debate, once and for all. Will traditional and nostalgic…

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Why use LED Light Panels for Backlighting?

Light plays a significant role in architectural design. More than just the illumination of a space, lighting can be a symbol of art that significantly magnifies the artistic appeal and beauty of a space, elevating it to be more. How, you ask? With thoughtful architectural lighting design.…

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