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Quality of Light

When one plans a new design project, there are several aspects to consider such as individual product placement, their balance with each other and the environment in general. An essential part of any environment is ensuring that it is in the “right light”. The quality of the lighting available is…

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Our Best Light Panel

The connoisseurs of lighting have been experimenting with new materials, vibrant colors, shades, shadows, solids, and void – all to make the place sing. Now more than ever, the introduction of LED lighting elements into the design is something that takes on point-in-time relevance. Whether for…

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Lighting Design Importance for Retail

The age where interior design and lighting were separate components are a thing of the past. From a retail perspective, lighting highlights architectural elements, product qualities and creates virtual spaces. This affects how we feel in a space, our opinion of a product, and ultimately, our…

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