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Logo & Brand Guidelines

As an Omnify partner, our latest logos are available for you to download and use. Follow the guidelines below so that our logo always looks its best when you use it. We ask that you respect our brand guidelines and not alter the logo in any way, shape or form.

Logo Variations

Always use the full-color “Navy Blue” logo on white, black or solid colored; and feel free to use the following logo variations:

Scale and Safe Space

To avoid using the logo at small sizes where it the scale of it makes it illegible, the smallest approved size is rendered at 0.4” wide.


Safe space is always defined by the base letter height of the application of the logo.

As shown above, the letter “i” defines a frame, that should not have any text or visual

elements in it and leave the appearance of the logo undisturbed.

Things Not to Do

Don’t crop, distort, add shadows/effects, use transparency, outline, use color variations or recreate the typeface/alter the Omnify logo:


Have more questions on logo usage? Contact us at