Cabinets, Shelving & Gondolas

Enhance your products, not your fixtures, with our sleek cabinet, shelving and gondola lighting solutions. They are built to suit any project, perfectly.

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Reliable & Compliant

UL certified shelving and gondola lighting products with long warranties

Tailored To Exact Specifications

Customize shape, size, and more to suit unique gondolas and other displays

Fast & Reliable Prototyping

North American manufacturing enables quick prototyping and turnaround times

More Light, Less Power

Achieve 100+ Lumens per Watt for efficient and bright product illumination

Low Profile, Even Illumination

Even illumination across a low-profile panel, for spot-free and sleek backlighting

Perfect Breadth

An expansive array of products that cater to many retail needs, from rigid shelves, to curved light bars and lightboxes

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