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the Future

Be a part of meaningful innovation. Join Omnify’s team of passionate and dedicated engineers, sales professionals, designers and customer support specialists focused on providing ultimate experiences in service and lighting products.

Making a Local Impact

Making a
Local Impact

Omnify is a North American based company with manufacturing facilities in Toronto (Canada) and Los Angeles (USA). We pride ourselves in serving and supporting local businesses, right here where we live.

the Way

Omnify is a dynamic and entrepreneurial company looking to expand and lead in multiple markets of the LED industry. The management team is led by a former Top 40 Under 40, and together we have a successful track record that has shaped industries and generated rapid growth. Today Omnify is building upon its core business and expanding into new market segments, manufacturing custom LED backlighting products for top brands. We also collaborate with leading architectural firms, OEMs and strategic partners across North America.

Our Core

Solve Problems

The Right Way. Quality, do it right the first time.

Customer Centric

Build Systems to reduce customer effort.

Less is More

Less time, less money – in many cases Less is More.

Build a Team

Communicate honestly, respectfully, and candidly with no BS.

Growth Mindset

For the company to grow we all need to individually grow – together.

Find Your Next Move

Director of
Customer Success
Customer Success
Customer Success
Manager (Lighting)