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Trust and reliability is at the top of our minds when producing our products. This is why we are the industry leader in certifications, warranties and supporting maintenance.


All Omnify products have full warranty coverage and an impressive track record. Our patents and R&D focus allows us to offer the highest quality product available in panels and industry leading warranties.

We continue to make investments in research and development that ensures our customers can use Omnify products with confidence. While there are many other certification options, we choose to commit to the highest standards of electrical and lighting safety on all of our products.

Beyond Industry Standards
Our Products Are

UL Certified

From product design to delivery our manufacturing and processes adhere to the regulated requirements of UL Certification.
Established in 1894, UL first gained recognition by drafting safety standards and conducting safety analysis for electrical devices and components as the rise of residential electricity transmission made electronics ubiquitous in American households.
UL Listing Mark
for Canada and US

UL Recognized Component
Mark for Canada and US

UL Energy Efficiency Mark
for Canada and US

Fully Certified

All four of our manufacturing facilities (in Canada, USA, South Korea and China) are inspected quarterly, meeting and complying with all international certifications.

Fully Certified Facilities

The IP rating or IP code classifies the varying degrees of protection provided by an enclosure, for electrical equipment.

A standardized testing method that defines the lumen output and colour shift of LEDs measured over time and at different temperatures.

The CE marking certifies that a
product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety.

Certifies FCC compliance of
standards for products that might contribute to electro-magnetic interference between electronic devices.

Fixtures rated for wet locations use waterproof seals to protect their internal components from
moisture in locations like outdoor landscape or architectural.

California’s energy code that is designed to reduce wasteful and unnecessary energy consumption in new and existing buildings.

The Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous
substances in electrical and
electronic equipment adopted by European Union.

Our patented Light Panel creates the most durable and highest quality light panel on the market. Our patented technology consists of Embedded LEDs, Integrated Heat Sink and 3D V-Cutting.

Industry Leading Warranties

Light Tape
Signage & Light Guided Panels