Light Guided Panels
Specification Sheets

LumiSheet™ Pro (131814)
OmniSheet (4-6-8 mm, Static White, Tunable, RGB, RGBW)

OmniSheet™ Eco
OmniSheet™ Wet-Rated

OmniSheet™ Flex
Essential Light Guided Panel

Installation Guides

Light Guided Panel Installation
OmniSheet™ Instructions

Flexible Light Sheets
Specification Sheets

Matrix™ Standard
Matrix™ Tunable

Matrix™ Wet Rated
Matrix™ XD Collection Specs


Installation Guides

Matrix™ Install Guide

Light Curtains
Specification Sheets

LumiCurtain™ IP65

LumiCurtain™ RGBW
LumiCurtain™ RGBW IP65

LumiCurtain™ Tunable White

Installation Guides


Light Tapes
Specification Sheets

LumiStrip™ PRO
OmniLine™ Collection


OmniLine™ PLUS
OmniView™ PLUS

Backlit Ceilings & Walls
Specification Sheets


OmniFixt™ MRI



Installation Guides

OmniGrid™ Install Guide
OmniSky™ Install Guide

Light Bars
Specification Sheets

OmniStick™ (Static White, Tuneable, RGB, RGBW)
OmniStick™ Slim (221301)

OmniStick™ Wide (221401)
OmniStick™ Mini Frost (221004)

OmniStick™ Corner (221501)

LumiStick™ Pro (231004)
LumiStick™ Pro Slim (231301)

LumiStick™ Pro Wide (231401)
LumiStick™ Pro Corner (231501)

Essential Standard (241004)
Essential Slim (241301)

Essential Wide (241401)
Essential Mini Frost (241206)

Essential Corner (241501)

Installation Guides

OmniStick™ Install Guide

Specification Sheets

Engage™ Ultra Slim & Slim (8220, 8221)
Focus™ 2" (822212)

Focus™ 3" (82250)
Dual™ Lightbox (822601)

Captivate 30 mm Snap Frames (81131, 81132)
Captivate 40 mm Snap Frames (81141, 81142)

Captivate Dual™ Snap Frame (81151, 81152)

Essential Lightbox (621801)
Essential Snap Frames (611301, 611401)

Installation Guides

Fabric Installation (MP4)
Focus Fabric Installation

Captivate Assembly
Captivate Light Engine Assembly

Captivate Frame
Change Fabric

Plug-in Drivers
Specification Sheets

Slim 12V / 60W Plug-in Driver (950003)
Slim 24V / 96W Plug-in Driver (950025-24-096)

Desktop Plug-in Driver (95033-24-036)
Wall Plug-in Driver (950034-12-024)

24V Performance Power Driver (950035-24-096)
12V Plug-in Power Driver (950035-12-060)

24V Slim Plug-in Power Driver (950036-24-060)

Hardwire Drivers
Specification Sheets

12V / 60W Hardwire Power Driver (950037-12-60)
24V / 60W Hardwire Power Driver (950037-24-060)

24V / 96W Hardwire Power Driver (950038-24-096)
24V / 150W Hardwire Power Driver (950039-24-150)

12V / 60W Hardwire Power Adaptor (951005)
24V / 150W Hardwire Power Adaptor (951009)

24V / 60W Hardwire Power Adaptor (951012)

Dimming Drivers
Specification Sheets

Cence™ 96W 5-in-1 Dimming Driver (951011-24-096)
Cence™ 192W 5-in-1 Dimming Driver (951030-24-192)

Cence™ 384W 5-in-1 Dimming Driver (951032-24-384)

Dimming Controllers
Specification Sheets

LED Dimming Module (970001)
Rotary Style Dimmer (970002)

IN-line Dimmer with Remote (970007)
Mirror Control (970009)

Smart Tunable Controller (970025)
90W RF Driver (951029)

100W Dimmable Driver with RF Controller (970035)
DMX Wall Controller (970041)

RGBW DMX Wall Controller (970042)
Tunable RF Wall Controller (970043)

Installation Guides

90W RF Driver Installation
Slim Power Driver Installation

RF Tunable Wall Controller Installation
Mirror Control Installation