Hospitality Backlighting

Ensure a perfectly lit environment for guests with our highly flexible, top-tier hotel lighting solutions.

Made To Order

Custom hotel lighting solutions, and support along the way, to meet the exact, unique backlighting needs of your space.

Adjustable Lighting

Adaptable hotel lighting that can be automated or controlled to suit any space or time of day, and effortlessly achieve a welcoming environment.

Accenture Features

Elevate hotels, restaurants and more by backlighting features, for simplified guest navigation, and captivating focal points.

Hospitality Applications

Ceilings, Walls & Floors

Unleash limitless design possibilities with illuminated ceilings, walls, and floors. Our slim, LED panels can be customized to any shape, including large formats, and deliver uniform, hotspot-free lighting.

Tunable Color

Create a perfectly lit environment for guests with hotel lighting that offers diverse color tuning and brightness options.

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Large Format

Create a memorable focal point with our expandable solutions, perfect for backlighting entire ceilings, walls and floors.

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Countertops & Surfaces

Add a touch of elegance to hotels or hospitality settings with illuminated countertops, backsplashes, and more. Illuminating surfaces accentuates focal points, and elevates surfaces from ordinary to extraordinary.

Easy Installation

Experience hassle free installation with diverse mounting options, and readily available customer service.

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Made To Fit On Site

Tailor, fold and bend to fit on-site with custom knockouts, shapes and sizes, and the industry’s smallest cuttable diode.

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Improve navigational ease, and guest experience, with high-quality backlit features. Our eye-catching solutions provide top-tier light quality, uniform illumination and are made to be unobtrusive and sleek.

Eye-Catching Brightness

Our eye-catching backlighting solutions captivate visitors, and promote effortless navigation through hospitality settings.

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Low Profiles

Our backlighting solutions, including hotel lighting, offer extensive customization opportunities for various implementation options.

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Cove Lighting

Elevate cabinets, bed frames, and more, with stylish and discreet hospitality and hotel backlighting solutions. Cove lighting seamlessly elevates existing features and decor, and is ideal for brightening dark spaces like closets.

Easy To Install

Experience hassle free installation with diverse mounting options, and readily available customer service.

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Accentuate Features

Enhance guest experience by improving navigational ease with cove lighting that directs focus.

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Illuminated Mirrors

Our illuminated mirrors, ideal in hotel settings, cast soft, flattering light while enhancing the overall environment; merging functionality and elegance. Easily adjust color temperature and brightness to suit personal preference.

Soft & Flattering

Improve guest experience with mirror lighting that’s softened with a frosted diffuser, for lighting that’s never harsh.

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Customizable Controls

LED mirror buttons are fully customizable. Add your logo, and tailor multi-button options to define presets for everyday use, like

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