Industrial Backlighting

Reliably illuminate industrial spaces with our custom, unobtrusive backlighting.

Industry Leading Thin Profiles

Industrial lighting that fits anywhere with custom shapes, slim profile options (starting at just 5/8″), and shallow diffusion depths that maintain uniform lighting.

Fast & Reliable Turnarounds

Thanks to our North American manufacturing, we provide rapid prototyping and turnaround times, and accommodate diverse budgets and project requirements.

Meet Exact Project Needs

Industrial lighting solutions that offer control of lighting color temperatures and brightness, as well as the flexibility to tailor product shapes to exact needs.

Industrial Applications

Elevator Cab Lighting

Ensure a perfectly lit elevator cab with our warranty backed, energy efficient backlighting solutions. Our elevator lighting is sleek, can come in thin profiles to fit in the tightest of spaces, and is continuously reliable even in emergencies.

Fits Anywhere

Fit lighting solutions anywhere with our industry-leading slim profiles (starting at just 5/8"), and customizable shapes.

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Turn-Key Solutions

Save time and enjoy a cost-effective, and hassle-free implementation.

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Ceilings & MRI Rooms

Enhance ceilings in MRI rooms and other industrial settings with evenly illuminated, unobtrusive backlighting. Our industrial lighting delivers top-tier quality in standard and customizable sizes, and is warranty-backed.

Compatible With Large Surfaces

Achieve dramatic industrial lighting with our expandable backlighting modules that elevate room ambiance.

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Perfectly Lit Environment

Make stark spaces welcoming with industrial backlighting that offers a spectrum of color temperature and brightness options.

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Hospital Lighting

Revitalize hospitals with our adaptable, high-quality lighting that can transform clinical spaces into welcoming havens. Our lighting can also highlight key features like donor walls, fostering warmth and positivity in crucial moments.

Tunable Color

Achieve a welcoming atmosphere in a clinical environment, through diverse color temperature and brightness controls.

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Durable Quality

Be assured of reliable backlighting; warranty-backed and durable so hospitals can focus on patients, not lighting.

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