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“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs

Moving Light

We have come a long way, having built a reputation by supplying the brightest, most evenly lit and durable LED light guided panels for over 20 years.

Multiple Patents
the Industry
Sole Local

This is a legacy that we intend to stay true to forever, and to do that we need to honour the past and all its achievements.

Years of

For over two decades, we set our sights on what we would want to surround ourselves with and focused on the detail that mattered to our customers–a dedication that did not compromise on our process or the materials we use.

To make LED lighting the choice for every lighting installation, we relentlessly improved the performance, design and simplicity of our backlighting solutions and are united in our constant quest for creativity, innovation, and excellence.

There is a
better way


As curious thinkers and tinkers, we believe there is always a solution to the needs of our customers and the market. Our offering is not off-the-shelf; it’s a thoughtful answer crafted by our in-house engineers, product development and customer support teams to be curated and built locally. 

Why We Manufacture

Our continuous goal is to innovate beyond the standards in quality, safety, and customization potential.

And that is exactly why we manufacture our products. The commitment to providing customers with new and better ways to fulfill their vision starts with listening, then making it a reality with local prototyping, product development, testing, and customization. Omnify’s just-in-time manufacturing allows us the flexibility to modify product attributes and specifications as per a customer’s needs. 

Why We Manufacture

We are Listening

What customers envision with their lighting projects

It starts off with an idea of what can be done, and we support that ask by creating new and improved products. See how some of our products launched are a testament to how we listen to our customers.

Sleek but thin
Essential Lightbox
Bright but more
Energy Efficient
LumiSheetTM Pro
Meets Brand
OmniSheetTM Eco
Execute On-site