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Global Leader in
Light Guided Panels

LumiSheetTM was established in 2002, and revolutionized retail and architectural lighting.

Backlighting that
is lasting, brilliant, and adaptable.

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Tried & True

Omnify continues to be the one and only by design. We do it differently because that was the right thing to do 20 years ago, and this continues to be our guiding principle today.

Embedded LED

Cut for a superior outcome, our light guided panels have 50% more light dispersion than the industry’s laser etching method. The Omnify method enables maximum uniformity and intensifies panel edge-to-edge brightness.

Raising The Standard

Raising the Standard

Integrated Heat Sink

It is possible to have a frameless LED light guided panel with an integrated heat sink. Creating custom, quality shapes that shine evenly while still ensuring the panel has a long life (30% more at 70,000 hours) is our forte. 

3D V Cutting
3D V-Cutting

Our patented technology for light guided panel consists of embedded LEDs, integrated heat sinks, and a time honored method of 3D V-Cutting.

Advancing Backlighting

Following the spirit of our legacy, we have expanded backlighting with new innovations. Today we stay true to our roots by constantly pursuing backlighting solutions that serve our customers’ needs. Our stance on what can be customized or even what is possible is not static. Whether it be for product design, technological innovation, or sustainability initiatives, we do not compromise on vision.

Our Journey


A Better World

LumiSheetTM Pro maximizes lumens per watt at 30% brighter with less power.

OmniSheetTM Eco is the world’s first 100% recycled acrylic light guided panel.

Design Forward

Omnify brand entry standardizing superior service via 4 global facilities.

OmniChip launched to offer LED Chip consistency across product lines.

The Discovery ProcessTM, in-house engineering and design consultative services.



Backlighting Innovation

Added North America manufacturing facility in LA to serve local customers.

LumiSheetTM Flex at 2mm, is the slimmest and only flexible edge-lit panel.

LumiEdgeTM provides a 4mm thin profile edge-lit led light panel.


World’s 1st patented light guided panel revolutionizing retail store design.


World’s 1st patented light guided panel revolutionizing retail store design.