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Best CRI

Accurate color rendering and spectral composition matching , no matter what color you’re working with. With a CRI of 95+, it allows you to make any space stand out.


Omnify’s line of high output backlighting solutions offer higher lumen per watt performance for low energy consumption and ease of maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Omnify offers energy efficient backlighting solutions that consume up to 80% less energy than a typical fluorescent light, while delivering equivalent or better light quality.

Consistent Light
Across All Form Factors

Fufill your lighting design vision with LumiStrip Pro, OmniLineTM and OmniViewTM Plus LED light engines. Bright, flexible, and reliable, our line of tapes come in multiple widths, a wide range of wattages, and colour options, and provide 100% consistent LED performance.

Where to use
linear lighting?

Cove Lighting

Fill any cove with recessed LED linear lighting to create indirect illumination and add high-end luxury appeal to architectural features in homes, and commercial buildings.

Cabinets & Furniture

Under cabinet lighting reduces the shadows that are created by overhead lighting and brings attention to specific areas, enabling increased brightness and access.

Display Lighting

Light tapes are designed for easy installation in retail display shelves and accommodating the minimal space while considering energy efficiency, heat, and safety.

Accent Lighting

When you need extra light in work areas, linear light bars can create visual separation and focus zones to purpose-driven spaces.

Landscape Lighting

Create dramatic emphasis or provide wayfinding illumination in hard-to-reach areas with functional linear lights in entrances and exits, parking lots, pools, and patios.

Light Bars

Functional highlights and focus.

Elevate product displays, customize built-in cabinets or augment architectural features with a quick, versatile and easy to mount light bar.

Light Tapes

Illuminate with precision.

Light tape is every lighting designer’s secret weapon. Versatility that allows it to be used in countless applications to create sleek, subtle décor or bring unexpected highlights.