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Better and Brighter


Panel that delivers over 100 Lumens per Watt. Experience a stronger transmission of light through surfaces like stone counters. Create backlighting in elegant settings without worrying about the visibility.

Best CRI

At a vivid 95+ CRI, subtle differences in color and appearances help contribute to the cohesion of an interior space. 95 CRI is very noticeable boost in color clarity.

More Efficacy

Only 4.4W, offering more luminaire efficiency. Our patented embedded LED panels offer superior uniform illumination that’s energy-efficient, warranty backed and UL certified.

Designer's Choice

Quality light dispersion that's patented, uniform and warranty backed. Combined with the fact that we manufacture locally right here in North America, we are able to provide made-to-order sizes, quick two-week lead times, and immediate support to designers and builders.

Color Temperature

Available in various color temperatures to suit your project goals. Choose from 2700K, 3500K, 4100K and 6500K, on premium 8mm V-Cut acrylic with embedded LEDs.

Title 24 Qualified

LumiSheetTM Pro is above 100 lumens per watt and 95 CRI, qualifying for Title 24 Compliance. Just another example of how we are continuously raising the bar with products that meet and exceed industry standards.

Higher CRI & 30% more lumens per watt
than the original LumiSheet™

Superior Performance

The frameless, edge-lit LED panel produces a bright, even light across its entire surface and can be ordered in any shape, size, and color with limitless applications. Whether you use LumiSheet™ Pro on a wall, ceiling, countertop or floor, backlight for superior outcomes.

Innovative Quality
and Adaptability

From the makers of the first light guided panel LumiSheet™, introducing a brighter and better 8mm architectural grade light source, LumiSheet™ Pro. The evolution of a patented design, with embedded LEDs, now with more efficient diodes.

Need Power?

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Our curated product lineup can help you to get every part from the very same place without the concern of compatibility problems.