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Custom Branding

Customize UI/UX interface design with logo and multi-button options. Complete the brand experience with programmed pre-set light levels to support everyday use, makeup, skin care or contact lens application.

Full Controls

Shoppers and guest can personalize their mirror lighting for an enhanced experience. With pre-set lighting options that range from candlelight to natural sun, OmniControl enhances the desired look in a given light.


OmniControl is built to provide compatible lighting controls for all Omnify products. The all new standardized control design allows for fitting inside a standard junction box.

Dressing Rooms

Put light on beauty.
With touch controls, Interactive Mirror Controls are the perfect solution for changing rooms in malls/retail stores allowing shoppers to view clothes in a lighting environment of their choice.

Cosmetic Display

Let customers control the light.
Interactive Mirror Controls impact direct light, eliminating shadows and distortions, to create the best environment in which shoppers can see the results of make-up application

Hospitality Decor

Elevated Residential Lighting.
Omnify Mirror Controls provide a natural-feel daytime light colour to areas where proper lighting is key. The frosted diffuser softens the light and a dimmer switch allows you to adjust illumination.

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