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Go ahead, the light is Green

Made from domestic post consumer waste.
Reuse and recycle acrylic over and over.
The same physical properties as cast acrylic.
Manufactured and recycled in North America.
Monomer additives mean lower carbon footprint.
Recycling uses less water and generates less CO2.
Free of any Volatile Organic Compounds
Hydro-Fluor-Carbon chemical free.
Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) Certificate
Sustainable backlighting using the same top tier
components as the original OmniSheetTM

Accountability Through Action

Arming brands, lighting designers, specifiers, and millworkers with the ability to be agents of change towards a more sustainable world.

Sustainability is
the New Standard

As builders of the brand experience in lighting environments, with our product you can lower your carbon footprint, reduce waste, contribute to recycling, all while making a creative impact.

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Our curated product lineup can help you to get every part from the very same place without the concern of compatibility problems.