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Our Best Light Panel

The connoisseurs of lighting have been experimenting with new materials, vibrant colors, shades, shadows, solids, and void – all to make the place sing. Now more than ever, the introduction of LED lighting elements into the design is something that takes on point-in-time relevance. 


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Whether for exterior facades or interior enhancements, LED light panels have become the go-to option when it comes to lighting due to their form factor. Specifically, the ability to backlight surfaces with little diffusion space required, better light quality, cost efficiencies, longer life span, and lesser energy consumption. 

Customizing light panels allow designers and architects to achieve unique and innovative lighting effects that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Complete Customization

Customization is the key to a project that stands out from the milieu. OmniSheet™ light panels are constructed in a way where the LED strips are embedded along the edges of the acrylic with the embedded LEDs bearing a consistent pitch, reducing hot spots or maximizing already substantial uniformity. Further, OmniSheet™ LED light panels allow for dimmable output levels, which provide an opportunity for light “layering.” These are frequently coupled with wattage options to match power requirements. It also provides multiple color temperature options to match or properly contrast other lighting fixtures within the environment. Lastly, OmniSheet™ also allows for variable grid patterns providing maximum lux, thus helping you configure specific lighting solutions that work for your projects at an affordable cost.

Color is a powerful tool in architecture and design.

High 95+ CRI

OmniSheet™, with application across retail, architecture, and signage, is powered by the revolutionary OmniChip, delivering the best light distribution on the market and is tested at a CRI of 95+. A great light panel brings out the true colors of the space and the elements within the space. The impact of the light source on the visual appearance of the item is often associated with the color rendering index (CRI). The light output from all types of light sources has its position in the CRI chart. It consists of a scale ranging from 0 to 100 measuring how accurately a light source can produce light that matches the sun. The quality of light is determined by its position on the CRI chart – the higher its position on the CRI chart, the better the visual experience. CRI plays a vital role in retail lighting. For instance, if a retail store deployed an LED light panel with a low CRI, the products in the display will have a drab and dull look. Typically, a high CRI lighting would be beneficial in applications where the color accuracy of objects is critical such as, retail environments, stock displays in grocery stores and supermarkets. A high CRI light source will allow you to showcase the true beauty of the illuminated objects within their design space and make them “pop,” adding a rich subtlety to the design.

Create spaces that are adaptable, functional, and responsive to the evolving needs of the user.

Flexible Design

The construction of a light panel determines the design flexibility that it can offer a customer. While brands provide both edge-lit and embedded panels, the broader application of the latter is obvious. Typically, edge-lit panels have the LEDs housed within a solid frame. These rigid frames reduce the design flexibility of the panels, thus limiting the shapes the panel can form. For instance, straight frames don’t permit curved shapes. On the contrary, a panel with embedded LEDs houses the LED strips within the acrylic of the panel, avoiding the use of a frame. The LED strip curves to follow twists and turns of each cut, making any shape and design possible. OmniSheet™, with embedded LEDs, can be cut into custom sizes, shapes, curves, and bends, allowing for one-to-one design matching.

With high craftsmanship, durability and performance should not be a concern.

High Durability

OmniSheet™ is the result of an intelligent effort to make lighting inspiring, using craftsmanship to create a product that can endure challenging design requirements. With multiple patents and high customer satisfaction ratings, OmniSheet™ is built to last. The heat exchange unit in an LED light panel is another factor that adds to the panel’s lifespan. OmniSheet™ has a unique heat-sink mechanism that dissipates the generated heat more efficiently, thereby increasing the life of the panel. The use of LED light panels can either transform a room, or frustrate a shopper hence, choosing the right panel that ticks off all your requirements is absolutely necessary. With OmniSheet™, while you get to choose from a manifold of LED panel light specifications ranging from rated power, emitting color, light output in lumens, and shape, you are also getting a panel that offers the best value on the market. Further, with local manufacturing through fully functional plants in both Los Angeles and Toronto, we are truly a North American firm.