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Precision Power Drivers & Controls

We offer a comprehensive range of power solutions to complete your LED lighting projects, providing end-to-end compatible power and control solutions designed for reliability and ease of use.

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Premium Power Drivers

Our curated power drivers and accessories are engineered for quality and dependability. Each power supply is rigorously tested to ensure it never overdrives your LED fixture, delivering consistent performance and longevity.

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Innovative Power Management

Cence Dimmer Drivers

Introducing Cence Dimmer Drivers, designed by innovators in the power and energy space. These versatile power supplies offer dimmable output, allowing precise control over light levels and ambiance. With multi-channel capability, they provide constant voltage power for a wide range of lighting installations, ensuring both efficiency and adaptability.

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Advanced Controllers

Simplify your lighting control with our selection of LED controllers, dimmers, and DMX decoders. From simple in-line dimmers to sophisticated DMX lighting control systems, Omnify provides solutions that offer smooth dimming, accurate color temperature adjustments, and programmable options without flickering.

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