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Printers & Exhibitors
“The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.”

The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.

Oscar De La Renta

Ultra Modern

Customized sleek backlighting solutions to support on-brand color outputs, and high efficacy but low energy illumination.


From communicating important information to enhancing the experience, choose from various options to build a high performance lightbox that fits your budget.

UL Certified

Professionally engineered and safety compliant, Omnify strives to deliver quality show pieces that printers and exhibitors can depend on.

Print & Exhibition Applications

Backlit Signage

The brightest and sharpest edge-to-edge performance of any lighting solution out there.

Creatively manipulate light to create a remarkable experience for your target audience that translates into revenue.

Customer Solutions

No matter how complex the vision, or quick turnaround time, you can trust that our in-house specialists can meet any design challenge. Custom is our middle name.

Attract an Audience

Ensuring that display lighting and signage are lit properly is crucial to attracting customers and relaying the brand message.

Supporting Your Vision

Our objective is to collaborate and partner with leading brands to support retail innovation, whether it be for one store or a multinational seasonal roll out.

Immersive Light

Creating a vibrant, comfortable environment that enhances the experience of an interior.

Large surface areas that create a canopy of evenly distributed light provides high levels of illumination without the visual discomfort of traditional lighting.


Immersive large scale illumination provides sufficient general area lighting without the visual discomfort of direct traditional fixtures.


Desire to complement daylight systems, replicate natural rhythms or simply alter an individual’s mood through light.


Create luminous surfaces on a scale that provides calming ambient lighting and is at the same time fully colour controllable.


Light the way with a placemaking feature that is also a conscious visual cue.

Navigate through a large campus, busy city landmarks, or multi-story headquarters with interactive and engaging wayfinding. Make the journey easy and memorable.

Light Engines

Delivering the highest brightness and optical power available our light engines are patented, innovative, and provide optimized output solutions for a range of applications.


Intended for quick changes on the fly, snap frames are one of the most versatile—and affordable—lighting options available for photos, posters or signage.

Large Format

With greater color depth, backlit display turn regular graphics into beautiful, attention grabbing displays with rich bold prints that make advertising messages pop!