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Quality of Light

When one plans a new design project, there are several aspects to consider such as individual product placement, their balance with each other and the environment in general. An essential part of any environment is ensuring that it is in the “right light”. The quality of the lighting available is a function of how it works within your environment to add positively to the design thereby complementing the products or elements being illuminated. At Omnify Lighting, we’ve come up with a short list of what makes up high-quality lighting to guide you in your decisions:


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The OmniChip-powered range of lighting products is tested at a CRI of 95+, close to the sun’s value, thus reflecting colors accurately and naturally.

High CRI

The true test of quality for any LED light is its ability to render colors accurately and naturally i.e. where it ranks on the CRI (Color Rendering Index). CRI is a measure of how “real” colors look under a white light source and the values range from 0 to 100. Our eye is accustomed to the sun which has a CRI of 100, and as such, for most applications, a higher CRI results in a better visual experience.

When people are seen in low CRI lighting, skin tones are unappealing, with lifeless eyes. Low CRI does not imply poor quality lighting but simply that the colors rendered will differ from the ones actually seen during daylight. Typical use-cases of applications where high CRI lighting would be relevant include: retail environments for brands particularly high-end jewelry displays and clothing, grocery stores, neonatal care, and any application where the fidelity of the colors of objects is critical. A high CRI light source will allow you to showcase the natural beauty of the illuminated objects within their design spaces and make them “pop,” adding a deeply rich subtlety to the design. At Omnify Lighting, our entire OmniChip-powered range of lighting products is tested at a CRI of 95+, close to the sun’s value, thus reflecting colors accurately and naturally.

Omnify’s binning process ensures any combination of products used renders absolute consistent lighting.


Human eyes can discern differences in color extremely well and while this means we can enjoy a rich and wonderful array of colors, it nevertheless creates difficulty for LED manufacturers. As LEDs are mass-produced in a complex process, it is almost impossible to manufacture LEDs that are all identical. To ensure near identical LEDs in a given run, LED manufacturers sort their manufactured output by light intensity(lumens), voltage, color and color location. Of these, lumens and color are the most important parameters in LED variability. This physical sorting of LEDs of similar brightness and color is called “binning” which results in overcoming LED manufacturing variations that leads to a better quality and consistent light for the end user. At Omnify Lighting, our entire range of lighting products across backlighting, linear lighting and signage uses LEDs from one bin only to ensure that any combination of products used renders absolute consistent lighting.

High-quality phosphors produce light that is more consistent in color, brightness, has a higher CRI, and is more energy-efficient.

Phosphor Quality

Phosphor is an essential component in the manufacture of white LEDs. The performance of white LEDs is a function of the quality of phosphor used as well as the manner in which the phosphor is integrated into the LEDs. At Omnify Lighting, we understand how phosphor works at a first principles level, giving us the latitude to pursue the absolute best in chemical formulations and manufacturing processes which result in the highest quality of LEDs. As such, we leverage recent advances in red phosphor materials that yield warm white LEDs with CCT values ranging between 2700K and 4000K, and minimum CRI values of 80 across all our OmniChip powered products. Further, to maintain our industry leadership, Omnify Lighting routinely invests in the research of new phosphor materials and manufacturing processes which result in higher efficiencies and improved lumen output.


OmniSheet™ is the result of an intelligent effort to make lighting inspiring, using craftsmanship to create a product that can endure challenging design requirements. With multiple patents and high customer satisfaction ratings, OmniSheet™ is built to last. The heat exchange unit in an LED light panel is another factor that adds to the panel’s lifespan. OmniSheet™ has a unique heat-sink mechanism that dissipates the generated heat more efficiently, thereby increasing the life of the panel. The use of LED light panels can either transform a room, or frustrate a shopper hence, choosing the right panel that ticks off all your requirements is absolutely necessary. With OmniSheet™, while you get to choose from a manifold of LED panel light specifications ranging from rated power, emitting color, light output in lumens, and shape, you are also getting a panel that offers the best value on the market. Further, with local manufacturing through fully functional plants in both Los Angeles and Toronto, we are truly a North American firm.

The advanced LED technology inside is what sets Omnify Lighting products apart. Not only will colors remain true, the light output remains stable throughout the lifetime of any Omnify products–meaning that consumers get to enjoy the same light quality for years to come. In summary, the quality of light is an incredibly important parameter to consider while planning your investment in LED lighting.

  • Getting the highest possible CRI LED lighting is important to render the most true-to-life lighting possible. Our Backlightings, Linear Lighting and Signage products all guarantee high CRI across the product lines.
  • To achieve consistency in lighting across products, the LEDs must be selected from one bin which is something that Omnify ensures across all products.
  • At Omnify Lighting, we ensure consistency regardless of individual products usage by integrating the OmniChip across product lines.

At Omnify Lighting, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our products deliver the highest possible light quality to match your design for any format and would be happy to help you plan out the best lighting strategy to achieve your design objectives.