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The Ultimate Multi-Use Environment

Showcase luxury or simply increase asset value with meaningfully lit spaces. Place mirror controls, infuse backlit stone countertops and backsplashes, illuminate shelving in wardrobes and wine cellars, all for comfort and style.

Made to Order

With embedded LEDs, light panels can be cut into custom sizes, shapes, curves and bends which allows for one-to-one design matching.

Energy Efficient

Powered by highly efficient LEDs, light panels offer superior, consistent light with 70% lower power consumption.

Easy to Install

Lightweight with the option of no electrician required, light panels make it incredibly easy to work with even at larger installation sizes.

Residential Applications


Showcase elegance and contemporary style with illuminated counters or backsplashes.

Illuminated counters can add a unique character to a kitchen island, lounge areas in hospitality settings and restaurants.

Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is the gathering point. Give it the proper attention with backlit-stone for functional beauty and elevated elegance.

Living Rooms

Transform living areas with focal points and accent lighting. Also easily add controls to our efficient and certified solutions.


Change the patio or bathroom with a modern, eye-catching illuminated counter and transform the character of the space.

Illuminated Walls

Big, bold graphics that add interest to a room. Create art or showcase creativity.

Our Illuminated walls work for any environment. They help to create the right tone, making any space come to life.

Room Accents

Transform the whole ambient with an eye-catching illuminated wall that will give more personality and style to your room.

Large Rooms

Innovative engineering and design to meet your unique requirements without the limitation of size.

Color Customization

With customizable products, you can set the mood by adjusting the color temperature to create the perfect ambiance.

Cabinet Lighting

Non-obtrusive undercabinet lighting that blends in seamlessly with existing décor.

Functional and stylish, cabinet lighting helpful for illuminating a dark closet or reading recipes while preparing food.

Custom Kitchens

Easy-to-install proper lighting can change the kitchen atmosphere with uniformity, and efficiency. Find what you are looking for or easily read recipes while preparing food.

Highlighted Counters

Highlight what really matters. Provide visual separation, or bring cohesiveness to an interior, simply through linear lighting.

Illuminated Shelves

Under cabinet lighting reduces the shadows that are created by standard overhead lighting and brings attention to the architectural elements.


The illuminated mirror creates soft light, while increasing the surrounding amount of illumination.

Illuminated mirrors combine a functional mirror with LED lighting into a decorative, practical and high-end looking aesthetic.


Producing a flattering diffused even sourced light. Touch sensors – for the added convenience offered to the user. Dimmable lights – to adjust the brightness to your liking and needs.

Walk-in Closets

By using light behind the mirror, it essentially makes the mirror stand out and come off the wall, creating a layer of depth in the closet.


Set the mood and illuminate the space without creating the harsh shadows we’ve come to expect from our everyday lights.