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Retail is a customer business. You’re trying to take care of the customer — solve something for the customer.

Erik Nordstrom
Made to Order
Design Friendly

Focus on the visual message with industry-leading slim frame profiles. Starting at 5/8”, thin lightboxes are possible only by the light diffusion and thermal management offered in Omnify’s patented LED panels.

Made to Order

At a vivid 95+ CRI, we promise, your backlit graphics will be more radiant than typical lightboxes. Customize from various frame thicknesses and colors, print substrates and light engines to build your custom lightbox.


Our patented embedded LED panels offer superior uniform illumination and are  energy-efficient, warranty backed and UL certified. In addition, we are North American made, making it easy to meet seasonal retail timelines.

Retail Applications

Store Fronts

It’s never been more important to catch the customer’s eye.

Our integrated range of backlighting, linear and signage products are custom-designed to create excellent visibility for your brand from the outside in.

Engage by Stories

A well-lit display goes beyond showing off your products; it tells tales that pique shoppers’ interest and encourage them to come inside. Just select a theme, and watch it come alive.

Layered Lights

Have multiple layers of light. Just like a good display, you want the customer to discover various items and focal points throughout your window display or facade.

Redefine Experiences

Windows used to be an advertising tool for products, but customers expect more now. Let shoppers experience, view and ultimately buy without the need to enter!

In Store Shelving

Showcase product in a functional and persuasive way.

Lighting has become a tool to boost sales rather than a sunk cost — leverage LED lighting to amplify a space and enhance merchandising. Consider purposeful aesthetics.

Selling the Appeal

LED panel backlighting is a great energy efficient method to make products more visible and easy to find.

Accentuate Products

Use customizable linear lighting from above or behind to highlight the features or visual appeal of your product.

Bullnose Brilliance

Elevate shelf lighting with high-quality embedded LED lighting within the curved and approachable bullnose edge.

Gondolas & Cabinets

Outfit lighting in various types of shelving and for multiple brands with a streamlined approach.

We’ve designed our LED lighting systems specifically with limitations in mind, ensuring plug and play and universal functionality.

Durability Counts

Our lighting products are designed to be bumped and scratched with products during stocking and by customers. They just work.

Hide the Lighting

Small enough to avoid being seen, our LED lighting range of linear and panel products are designed to be hidden. Size does matter.

Details Above All

Our inside-cabinet LED lighting can highlight key product details, accentuate decorative items and add interest to open shelving.


Make your graphics pop with super bright and even illumination.

With its super-slim profile, the LED lightbox is an impactful solution with the option of easy to change fabric graphics.

Slim Profile

Give your retail space a sleek and modern look with the thinnest LED lightbox in the market and a near invisible frame.

Consistency is Key

Enhance the space with smooth and consistent illumination with an evenly lit lightbox from edge to edge.

Change it Up

Combining bold design with ease of use, the LED lightbox allows you to change out graphics with ease.