Signage & Exhibit Backlighting

Effectively use light to tell your story and guide visitors through exhibits with signage and features. Our backlighting solutions versatile color and brightness tuning options.

Hot-Spot Free Signage

Achieve the core vision for signage or exhibitions with consistently high-quality, uniform lighting that true-to-life color illumination.

Bespoke Backlighting

Meet the unique needs of signage or exhibition designs with custom backlighting solutions and get support along the way from our backlighting experts.

Electric Sign UL Certification

You can rely on our UL certification for electric signs (not just as a light panel or luminaire), assuring high-quality, long-lasting brilliance.

Printer & Exhibit Applications

Ceilings, Walls & Floors

Tell your exhibits story with ultra-slim and sleek backlighting for ceilings, walls and floors. Our designer-centric backlighting solutions deliver top-tier quality and uniform illumination in standard and customizable shapes and sizes.

Grand Format

Send a powerful message with large format, hot-spot free, backlighting that makes exhibits dramatic and memorable.

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Turn-Key Solutions

Save time and enjoy the cost-effective, and hassle-free implementation of out-of-the-box exhibit backlighting.

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Elevate your exhibit signage with sleek, hot-spot-free custom lightboxes that make graphic swapping easy. Solutions are warranty-backed, feature edge-to-edge illumination, and vividly light up graphics with unmatched color accuracy

Simple Swapping

Our lightboxes make graphic swapping simple. They are also warranty-backed so you can rely on their enduring quality

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Super Slim Signage

Enhance graphics, don’t distract from them, by opting for the thinnest profile lightbox in the industry.

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Outdoor Signage

Make outdoor exhibition signage pop with our powerful, weather resistant backlighting. Rest assured your message will stand out night and day with our expandable options, and electric sign certification.

Easy To Deploy

Experience hassle-free deployment with diverse mounting options, and readily available customer service.

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Custom Shapes

Meet the unique needs of outdoor backlit signage with certified, custom shapes and sizes that bring your vision to life.

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Improve navigational ease, and guest experience, with high-quality backlit signage and wayfinding features. Our eye-catching solutions provide top-tier light quality, uniform illumination and are made to be unobtrusive and sleek.

Low Profile

Our lights offer extensive customization options to seamlessly fit any wayfinding application; explore our ultra-slim light panels.

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Eye-Catching Brightness

Our eye-catching light products illuminate signage, captivate visitors, and promote effortless navigation.

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